A diversified portfolio that presents the optimal balance between the current return on investment and future growth.

AGH Investment strategy focuses on alternative investments,through direct and professionally managed funds and coinvestments vehicles, regionally and internationally. We strongly believe in the participation in private equity, predominantly in mature economies, therefore, diversifying our portfolios and providing greater potential returns. In meeting the above goals, AGH has developed major relations with financial institutions locally and internationally.The following is a summary of our interests and investment relationships:

KIPCO Asset Management Company (KAMCO) (Kuwait): AGH maintains portfolio at KAMCO which is also managed in-house.KAMCO continues to be one of Kuwait’s most active companies with operations in financial services, asset management, investments, consulting and private equity.

INVESTCORP (Bahrain): AGH is a shareholder and invests in most of the alternative investments offered by the investment house (such as private equity, real estate and hedge funds). Our vice chairman is a member of Investcorp’s Strategic Partners’ Group. Investcorp continues to be one of the most respected investment banks both regionally and internationally.AGH is also a major founding shareholder in many other companies, some of which are not yet listed on any stock exchange.

Local Banks: AGH has active relationships with all major banks in Kuwait such as Gulf Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait Finance House,Ahli United Bank and Burgan Bank.

International Banks: Our relationships with large international banks are strong for financing investment activities in listed markets/funds.

Regional Brokerages: We have relationships with regional investment banking institutions, to participate and benefit from development and growth of listed companies on the regional markets.